The practice is truly a “Family Practice.”  Dr. Pepin provides chiropractic care for adults, elderly and children alike.  The office is very “kid-friendly,” allowing children to be very comfortable as they, too, receive chiropractic care.  The care for children is very important because the most impact on health can be made while the individual is still young.

The facility offers the ability to provide excellent chiropractic care, deal with specific sports-related or accident-related injuries, and deliver overall health care intended to give the patient the best increase and maintenance of health potential.

The office accepts many health insurances, and Dr. Pepin is a listed provider for United HealthCare, Traditional BC/BS of Florida , Jackson Memorial Health Plans, Medicare and Medicaid.  We accept and process Automobile PIP and Worker’s Compensation claims as well.  Besides accepting insurance, the office offers very affordable financial plans intended to provide the most value in chiropractic care.

Mission Statement

The mission of Coral Reef Chiropractic Center is to bring people closer to there Innate Health Potential through chiropractic care.  We understand that there is a powerful intelligence within our bodies that is constantly maintaining life and health.  Should there be injury or disease, this Innate Intelligence is what causes the healing to take place.

We recognize that vertebral misalignments in the spine cause irritation and pressure on the nervous system.  These misalignments are called Subluxations.  By pressing on or pinching nerves, Subluxations interfere with the transmission of mental impulses, information and energy through the nerves, causing dis-ease, injury or even death.  Certainly, many physical ailments or conditions are caused by subluxations; the end-result may then be that condition, symptom or pain.

Our attempt, through chiropractic, is to correct spinal subluxations, thus restoring the connection of health and healing and lifting the body’s ability for health up to the God-given potential.  Although the pain may be the indicator or motivating factor, it is NOT the problem.  We want to fix the problem allowing the body and condition to heal.  Then the pain goes away.

We deliver the best chiropractic care possible to all people, from infants to the elderly.  Regardless of the condition or the financial situation, we will always care for the person first, with love and appreciation.

Office Hours:

Tuesday 8-11am 3-7pm
Thursday 8-11am 3-7pm
Saturday 8-11am

Coral Reef Chiropractic Center is located in the Palmetto Bay Professional Plaza in South Miami-Dade County:

9044 SW 152nd St Palmetto Bay Village, FL 33157

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